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Check the Health of your Business - How Does Your Employee Experience Measure Up?
Be the Place People Want to Work
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Your employee experience audit will include these items (if relevant):

  • 30 minute kick-off discussion to understand your perspective on your business

  • Review of relevant documents/programs

    • Any employee engagement results/related action plans

    • Any employee value proposition documents or anything published on a website or for recruits

    • Employee benefits, programs, training, onboarding materials

    • Others as available

  • 1 45 minute focus group with employees or supervisors (optional)

  • 30 minute debrief on my findings along with a summary document for your reference

Cost for organizations with less than 15 employees:     $1500

Cost for organizations with 15-50 employees:               $2500

Cost for organizations 51-100 employees:                     $5000

Individual Interviews or additional focus groups will be an additional cost based upon number of interviews or focus groups you want.

Consulting and coaching services available for discussion at the end of the arrangement.
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Offer Valid: November 25, 2019December 20, 2019
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