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November 01, 2019

QmeSpotlight.com News announces that the J. Taibi Group - Sandler Training has launched the “MAKING SMALL BUSINESSES SOAR” Sales Training Program giving small businesses the competitive edge to drive revenues.
For Immediate Release
WILMINGTON, DELAWARE November 4, 2019 – QmeSpotlight.com News, announces the launch, by J. Taibi Group - Sandler Training, of a new sales training program called “MAKING SMALL BUSINESSES SOAR”.  50% of small businesses fail within the first 5 years.  Another 25% fail within the 6th and 10th years.  Small businesses face a serious uphill battle to drive sales and increase revenues. Over the last 20 years, with the coming of digital marketing, social media and other online marketing tools, why haven’t these terrible statistics improved for small businesses?  The answer is that very few entrepreneurs ever receive any “best practices” sales training prior to the start of their companies and or while they are trying to grow their companies. 
If you are an entrepreneur and or an owner of a company with 2 - 500 employees, and you want to increase your revenues, learning the correct and proper way to prospect, set appointments, qualify the prospect, establish the need, propose the right solution, and negotiate /close the deal, then the MAKING SMALL BUSINESSES SOARis the right program for you.  Why waste thousands of dollars on marketing, public relations, advertising, event attendance and outreach, when you must first learn the Best Keep Secrets for selling and closing deals.  There is a best practices science to selling which when used properly will dramatically increase your sales and bottom-line. In this age of fake news, the raw truth for small business owners is that they must learn to sell properly and drive greater results.  Sandler Sales Training will and can give small business owners what they need to transform their small business into a lean mean selling machine. 
65% of small businesses fail because they don’t have enough revenues.  It is time to STOP THE MADNESS!   People who want to grow a successful business must take the time to learn how to sell from a top sales trainer in the business - Judy Taibi, who is a certified Sandler Trainer and who owns Delaware as her Sandler territory. Here are quotes from satisfied clients.
“After 30+ years in sales and having achieved numerous top sales recognitions
 on the journey of closing over One Billion in business contract revenues, I wanted to take a course to refresh my skills as I am helping several businesses to grow.  I chose to take my sales training courses with the Judy Taibi Group - Sandler Training.  Wow, it was amazing and I learned many new skills and techniques.  Had I utilized these techniques in my 30-year career, I might have sold Two Billion in contract revenues.  I highly recommend that every entrepreneur, sales person and business development professional attend a Judy Taibi Sales Training Course.” - Gaylord Neal, EVP of Business Development - Drone Workforce Solutions -  
I walked away from Judy Taibi’s workshop with powerful insights. Judy helped me uncover blind spots in the sales process and understand how to establish expectations for client accountability. These non-traditional selling strategies and techniques help assess worthwhile prospects. I appreciate Judy's extensive business experience and coaching that bring new approaches to getting an edge in a globally competitive marketplace.” – Kimberly Beach, Director New Business Development – AnCatt -
Recently, J. Taibi Group, LLC – Sandler Training, teamed up with Delaware Enterprise Manufacturing Partnership (DEMEP) to deliver an interactive, high energy sales training workshop, “BUILDING YOUR YELLOW BRICK ROAD” (a component part of the MAKING SMALL BUSINESSES SOAR Program) focusing on the importance of creating and implementing an overarching sales process that is clearly stated, effective, efficient and consistently implemented. Member companies of DEMEP’s ExporTech program attended the October 23th event at Del Tech Community College in Newark.
Twelve CEOs and Entrepreneur Owners attended the 90-minute session. The 90-minute session focused on best practices for a sales process and how to properly qualify prospects so that salespeople don’t waste so much time on potential prospects who never buy.  In today’s competitive, global marketplace, it’s no longer good enough to just have the best of class products or services. Professional selling needs to be supported by a well-planned, smoothly flowing process and the J. Taibi Group provides a blueprint for sales process and execution essentials for greater success.
About J. Taibi Group
J. Taibi Group, LLC – Sandler, Delaware works with business owners, sales professionals and sales management to identify core challenges and obstacles to generating stronger sales, improved revenue growth and healthy profit margins. We can work with you in customized consulting, sales productivity and management training and coaching. We are dedicated to helping our clients achieve significantly improved, measurable results.
Judy has over 25 years proven corporate sales experience in the financial services and asset management industries working with individuals, institutions and leading high performing sales teams. Her career has involved growing the bottom line as well as mentoring staff to set and exceed both organizational and personal goals.  The sales training Judy offers can be easily used in any industry vertical.  Anyone trained in our program will be able to increase sales for any organization.
For more information contact:
Judy Taibi
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